(K750A) Double Sided Reflective Aluminium Woven Foil
(K750A) Double Sided Reflective Aluminium Woven Foil Double Sided Woven Foil Building Insulation Penang  | K Foil Insulation (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd K750 Woven Foil 2018-11-22 Layout Diagram W

Technical information provided in this data sheet are typical labaratory averages and subject to variation.
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  • Double sided aluminium foil (99% pure aluminium) with high reflectivity (>0.97) and low emissivity surface (<0.03)

  • K750A is five layers with the external layer using aluminium foil bonded to woven fabric

  • Laminated to light weight Heigh Tensile Woven Fabrice for extra tear strength and puncture resistance

  • K750A character is stable and will not delaminate when high temperature or high humidity

  • Eco friendly, no crumbling or itchy material use

Customize size available upon request and machiene capacity

  • Metal Roofing

  • Concrete/Clay tiles roofing

  • Foil facing for bulk installation

  • Building wrapping

  • Wall insulation

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