Using K Foil Insulation
  • SIRIM tested Fire Retardant Grade: BS476 Class O / Class 1 (depend to the models).
  • Using 99% pure aluminum foil (aluminum series).
  • UV Resistant.
  • Light weight and easy to install.
  • Energy Savings.
  • Moisture-proof. Will not allow moisture to pass through in either direction.
  • Eliminates condensation within the ceilings, walls and floors when properly installed as a vapor barrier.
  • Unlike mass insulation products, it's unaffected by humidity. No mildew, mold or fungus growth.
  • No significant mass to absorb and retain heat.
  • Very low emittance value - E-value = 0.05 (compared to 0.90 for most insulations) which significantly reduces heat transfer by radiation.
  • No change in thermal performance over time due to compaction, disintegration or moisture absorption (common concern with mass insulation).
  • Easier to install than fiberglass - It can be stapled, nailed, glued or sewn.
  • Safer for workers to install than fiberglass - There are not fibers to breath or cause skin irritation, or eye irritation.
  • Nontoxic and non-carcinogenic - Does not irritate the skin, eyes or throat. Contains no substances which will out-gas.
  • Not a nesting material for rodents, birds or insects.
  • Reduces the "black globe effect" in animal confinement buildings.
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