Effectiveness of KFoil Reflective Insulation

Hot?£¡You need KFoil Reflective Insulation in this super hot weather! One of our staff had installed KFoil Single Sided Woven Reflective Insulation underneath his car porch roof but left small portion. The underneath roof temperature different reached 24¡ãC! Check the following video to see the actual experiment!

KFoil Reflective Insulation Woven Fabric Series

KFoil Reflective Insulation Woven Fabric Series are made of single or double-faced aluminum foil and metalized film with a reinforcement of high tensile woven fabric to enhance their tensile strength, tear resistant, and durability. Unlike other foil-faced material such as kraft paper, PE bubble and PE foam reflective insulation that can be easily torn down. Our high tensile woven reflective insulation has a tough and tear-proof feature that makes it one of a kind of product. The following videos is to show the tensile strength (video 1) & tear resistant (video 2) of our High Tensile Woven Fabric Series Reflective Insulation compared to competitors¡¯. Video 1: Imagine what will happens if your installed woven fabric reflective insulation accidently punched?

Reflective Insulation VS Bulk Insulation

Insulation products come in two main categories/types ¡ª bulk and reflective ¡ª which are sometimes combined into a composite material. Bulk insulation comes in many shapes, thicknesses and materials and is primarily used in ceilings and sometimes in walls. The most common bulk insulation material is mineral wool or fiberglass. Other materials include recycled and virgin polyester, wool and cellulose fibre. Bulk insulation stops heat flow by trapping air in small air pockets. Reflective insulation usually made of an aluminum foil installed on a variety of backings, such as paper, rigid foam, plastic film, polyethylene bubbles or cardboard. They are designed to reduce heat transfer through radiation by placing a surface that reflects thermal radiation in combination with an air gap. We noticed that most people thought that only bulk insulation can reduce the heat transfer into their buildings but not aware about reflective insulation which is more effective for that function especially during/or in hot weather. Check the video below to know which insulation types will performs better in reducing the heat tranfer into your building.. The type and level of insulation you need for your home varies on where you live, the building materials used for your house and whether you will be using additional heating or cooling.

Why We Need to Insulate Our Roof?

Why we need to suffer the heat during the hot weather while we can just add this thin layer of KFoil Reflective Insulation to reduce the heat into your building tremendously?
 Did you know that KFoil Reflective Insulation can reduce your air-con workload during the hot weather?
 Its only cost less than MYR 0.10/sq ft (USD 0.03/sq ft) and it works for years!

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