Why no one is using plastic sheet or any polymer sheet to wrap/hold the air conditioning ducts/roof insulator such as glass wool, etc.?
Plastic sheet or any polymer sheet does not reduce the radiant heat transfer while the aluminum / metalize is the excellent radiant barrier which will minimize tremendously the heat transfer (Radiation) to the system/building.

Can I use metalized film instead of aluminum foil for air-conditioning ducts since it serves the same purpose of radiant barrier and furthermore it has higher tear resistance?
NO. Metalized film has a thin coat of aluminum dust on polymer film. While it have the similar reflectivity, it will be faded off/oxidize upon contact with high moisture content in the air conditioning ducts surface and lose its reflectivity thus the radiant barrier effect will be  diminished.

Do I still need to install Reflective Foil if I am using closed cell insulation such as PE foam for air conditioning ducts?
YES. Closed cell (elastomeric) insulation is to delay the heat transfer from conduction but not radiation. Closed cell insulation is a good insulator to avoid/minimize condensation occurrences on the external duct but hard to reduce the heat transfer from radiation!

Is the thicker reflective insulation, the better choice?
NOT NECESSARILY, it depends to the application. Generally thicker means heavier and it may not be easy for installation and it will sag easily when it crosses over a long distance horizontally. We suggest the installer/consultant select the suitable foil based on the requirement and one of the key factor is the tensile strength which governed by the type of scrim, grade of backing material (Kraft, etc.), etc.

Can K Foil produce different range of products besides the listed?
YES. We can customize our products to suit the customers need and expectation with the condition of optimum quantity and lead time. In fact, we have OEM our product locally and export to overseas such as Brunei, Vietnam, India, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Cambodia, etc.

Will K Foil be able to assist in the selection of the best choice of product range to suit customer's requirement?
YES. Please refer to our product range list for reference and feel free to contact us for further discussion/confirmation.

What is the easiest way of installation in new construction?
Attach the K Foil reflective insulation to the roof decking before it is installed on the trusses. Or attach to the roof deck or truss chords after the roof decking is installed.

Can I install a K Foil reflective insulation in my existing attic and how?
YES. The most effective way to install a radiant barrier in an existing attic is simply to staple the foil material to the underside of the top chord of the roof trusses or to the underside of the roof decking.
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